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The Gauruv Arora Show

The Gauruv Arora Show, released in 2019, is a show covering all-things sports that can be found on podcasts everywhere. The show’s inspiration started at the NBA Summer League when talking to executives about how to properly advance my career as an aspiring personality. With the audience I have cross-platform, and the networks I possess, I intended to create the show that I would want to listen to when released. Not only have I achieved this goal, but the show has numerous support from celebrities in the industry. Some of these include Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Cris Carter, former bachelor & NFL Player Colton Underwood, Toronto Raptors Assistant Coach Charles Dube-Brais, TNT personality Ernie Johnson, Eagles Tight-End Zach Ertz, NBA TV Personality Beau Estes, and much more! Additionally, the show also has a program director and a researcher.

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Celebrity Endorsements

NFL Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Cris Carter Supports The Gauruv Arora Show.

Former Bachelor & NFL Player Colton Underwood Supports The Gauruv Arora Show.
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