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Don’t Expect Josh McCown to Be a Reliable Insurance Option for Carson Wentz

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Josh McCown injured his hand during a Week 14 loss to the Denver Broncos in 2017. McCown would miss the rest of the season. (Photo by Isaiah J. Downing/USA TODAY Sports)

It’s no secret that the Eagles find themselves dealing with an injury crisis.

Recently, the crisis struck the quarterback position as likely backup Nate Sudfeld and quarterback Cody Kessler both fell to injury.

In response to those critical injuries, the Eagles elected to pull Josh McCown out of retirement and signed him to a one-year deal. Although there has been much positive buzz generated about this transaction among the fanbase, fans shouldn’t rely on McCown to be a quality backup for quarterback Carson Wentz.

McCown hasn’t exactly been known as a durable quarterback in recent years. Here’s a list of injuries McCown has compiled over the course of his career.

Josh McCown Injury History:

Dec 10, 2017NFLHand Metacarpal FractureMcCown underwent surgery and missed the final 3 games.
Sep 18, 2016NFLShoulder Clavicle FractureMcCown’s fracture was on the left. He didn’t return until Week 8.
Nov 30, 2015NFLShoulder Clavicle FractureMcCown missed the final 5 games but avoided surgery.
Nov 1, 2015NFLChest Rib FractureMcCown took a shot to the ribs and re-injured his existing injury.
Oct 25, 2015NFLChest Rib FractureMcCown broke a couple of ribs in Week 7. He suited up the following week but re-injured his ribs.
Sep 13, 2015NFLHead Cranial Concussion Grade 1McCown sat out 1 game.
Sep 18, 2014NFLHand Thumb Torn LigamentMcCown missed 5 games but avoided surgery.
Sep 13, 2009NFLKnee Patella Sprain
Sep 13, 2009NFLPedal Foot
Nov 11, 2007NFLLeg Fibula BruiseMcCown missed 2 games.
Sep 23, 2007NFLPedal Toe FractureMcCown fractured his big toe and missed 4 games.

With the exception of last season, McCown has missed significant time due to injury every year since the 2014 season. His 2015 season as a starter with the Browns was clearly the most brutal year for his health.

Assuming McCown makes the roster, McCown’s role with the Eagles will most likely be as a mentor for younger players. However, fans should hope that he doesn’t have to come in at all. McCown may have been the best free agent quarterback available, but he is no Nick Foles.

McCown may have been a decent quarterback but at this stage in his career, the body of the 40-year-old is extremely fragile and any hit could essentially knock the veteran out of football for good.

If Wentz does get injured again, then hopefully it will be at a time when Sudfeld is available to play. Thankfully, Sudfeld won’t miss too much time as he is slated to return around the end of September.

The Eagles need Carson Wentz to stay healthy and a highly rated offensive line should afford him that. Wentz needs to continue to mature as a quarterback and realize that sometimes, it simply isn’t worth trying to run around and extend certain plays.

The Eagles chances of winning the Super Bowl should be perfectly intact as long as Carson Wentz can stay healthy, Nate Sudfeld is available to play in case Wentz gets injured, and Josh McCown does not touch the field.

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