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Darren Sproles Needs to Retire

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Darren Sproles wants to keep playing football. However, he doesn’t understand that he simply doesn’t have what it takes to do that anymore. (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

You have to admire Darren Sproles for his tenacity. The free agent running back wants to keep playing football and prove that he still has what it takes to compete at the NFL level. However, the problem is he simply doesn’t have what it takes and he should just retire.

Sproles is 36, an age where players at his position should already be retired, and has only appeared in nine games over the past two seasons thanks to lower body injuries. He tore his ACL and broke his arm in 2017 while injuring his hamstring in 2018. The severity of his injuries coupled with his age essentially leaves his body in a fragile state, giving teams the right to question if Sproles can take anymore punishment to his body.

If Sproles does play for a team next season, it certainly won’t be with the Philadelphia Eagles. Philadelphia currently has seven running backs listed on the depth chart, all of whom are younger and healthier, making the decision to add Sproles ridiculous and unnecessary. Sproles would simply cut in to the development of players like Miles Sanders and would not enhance Philadelphia’s chances of winning.

Darren Sproles had a great NFL career and will always be cherished by Philadelphia fans for his four years of service to the team. However, Sproles needs to realize that teams are not going to pay aging players who aren’t healthy when they can simply utilize the talent of younger and healthier players. Sproles should just do himself a favor and retire from his career in pro football.

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