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The Eagles Should Move On from Josh Adams

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The Philadelphia Eagles had a tough time jump starting their running game last year. Marred by injuries and inconsistency, Philadelphia finished towards the bottom of the league in team rushing yards.

The brightest star Philadelphia could muster from their running game last season was Josh Adams. However, despite leading the team in rushing yards and yards per carry, Adams future with the team is not secure.

The Eagles made upgrading the running game a top priority this offseason, signing Pro-Bowler Jordan Howard and drafting fellow Nittany Lion Miles Sander to address the issue.

With Howard and Sanders at the helm of the rushing attack, Adams production will be cut significantly if he makes the team…and that’s a big if.

Unlike teammate Corey Clement, Adams was virtually a ghost in the Eagles passing attack, and let’s not even get started with his garbage performance on short-yardage situations. Wendell Smallwood may get a lot of heat for being inconsistent, but he has proven to be an effective runner on short-yardage situations, garnering five first downs on seven attempts last year.

The issues lingering around his health also doesn’t help Josh Adams’s case of making the roster. Given all this information, there really isn’t room for Josh Adams on the active roster at this time. Howard and Sanders will take the bulk of the carries, Smallwood will serve quite nicely on various short yardage situations, and Clement will fill the void of an effective pass-catching back.

Josh Adams may have shown flashes of greatness last year, but even he experienced inconsistencies in his performance. He is no longer the number one rusher on the team and he can’t really do anything else aside from running the ball up the middle. If Adams wants to make the team, he must dramatically develop his skill set.



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